Dynamic conference room


Conference: Dynamic tables.

Flexibility, innovation, versatility: achieving or facilitating these is a major challenge that can only be successfully met through teamwork. Active participation in changing layouts and methods and putting good organisational skills into practice are key factors. Which is why Wilkhahn invented dynamic tables with flexible settings in mind with a view to enabling people to set up their own flexible configurations.

Ingeniously easy to handle and superbly designed, the tables reflect the importance of communication and change processes while at the same time encouraging more physical activity, better utilisation of space and much lower facility management costs.

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A day in the conference room

09:00 am

Conference tables and chairs are set out in rows for an intoductory talk, a presentation and a training session.

Timetable shift
Design: Andreas Störiko
Surface: laminate white frame, uprights clear anodized, top bearer and underframe coated colour silver and satin finish, foot section aluminium polished.

Sito cantilever chair
Design: wiege
Material: fabric turquoise, armrest pads, seat- and back shell through-dyed in white.
Frame: bright chromium-plated aluminium

01:00 pm

After lunch the room is partitioned for group work. 

03:00 pm

Later, everyone comes together again to present and discuss the results. 

05:00 pm

Tables and chairs can be stowed away neatly to one side, creating more space for teambuilding exercises. 


Several dynamic conference tables:

Confair folding table

Confair folding conference table | Wilkhahn

In 1994, designer Andreas Störiko created the legendary Confair folding table. As a world first it marked the inception of a totally new furniture concept with movable tables for conferences, training courses, workshops and meetings. Tool- free assembly, the absence of releasing or unlocking mechanisms and of the need for special skills mean just one single person can set up and re-arrange the moveable folding tables on their own. The sophisticated technology and the large lockable castors, as well as the elegant design and high-quality materials, are equally responsible for the table’s success. It’s a classic piece of furniture that still has no equal today. 

Timetable shift - mobile table

Timetable shift | Wilkhahn conference table

Timetable has added a new dynamic dimension to furnishing multi-purpose training and conference spaces. In just one simple step, the table top can be tipped up and at the same time the foot section with lockable castors turned inwards fully automatically. As a result, the tables are easy to move from room to room and can be stowed away in an extremely small space. Intuitive ease of use, top quality and first-class design make the table a benchmark in its field. 

Logon conference table

Logon conference table | Wilkhahn

The Logon range is the static equivalent of the dynamic tables. In intelligently planned settings it provides a cost-effective core configuration that can be enhanced by dynamic models to allow for different scenarios. Three characteristics run all the way through Andreas Störiko’s designs. They share rounded laminated wood edges with integrated impact-resilient profiles, slender uprights and elegantly shaped die-cast aluminium foot sections. The result is a table design that’s both highly attractive and functional. 


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Multi-media integration for dynamic tables

A detailed overview

Wilkhahn is the first and to date only manufacturer worldwide to supply table ranges in a consistent design. The range consists of movable tables in different designs, static tables and table configurations. As a result, utilisation options can be configured for all different permutations and adapted swiftly without the need for specially trained personnel. In this way, multi-media equipment can be integrated perfectly. Consequently, rooms become very versatile and vast savings are made on facility-management costs and building installations. Meetings, training sessions and events are also more efficient. 

If rooms are used for different numbers of people and purposes, movable folding tables with integrated outlets, cable ducts and connection points are amazingly simple solutions that tick all the boxes. All that’s required is to open out the tables or tilt them upwards, connect up the cable harness and multi-media equipment and it’s all systems go for the conference. So attendees can assemble and connect up to 20 conference places fitted with multi-media equipment and in whatever layout is currently required.


Just one single floor port provides the tables with USB ports, video, audio and network outlets, as well as the power supply. In addition to the modules (which can be configured as desired), there’s space underneath the single table portals for surplus leads, power supply adapters and chargers. As an optional benefit and at the touch of a button, a computer located at any place at the table can be switched in at the touch of a button to provide data for the projection. And the great thing is that this method of integrating multi-media equipment doesn’t restrict the functionality of the tables at all.  

  • Easy to handle by anyone in a matter of minutes: two Confair folding tables (280 x 105 cm), a Timetable Shift (210 x 105 cm) – and the stage is set for a multi-media conference for 12 to 14. 

Quite the contrary, they can still be folded, tilted and stowed away. The modules can be pulled out to allow easy access to the technology underneath the table. An example of perfect industrial design – without any sharp edges or any screws visible.


Examples for how you could furnish dynamic conference rooms:


The room on the left has just been used for a presentation and now it’s time for a project meeting. Attendees are rearranging the Confair folding and Timetable Shift conferece tables for the numbers required. The coloured and stackable range 180 cantilever chairs are comfortable and ideal for project work.

The versatile training area uses space-saving Timetable conference tables which also add a touch of prestige. These are important aspects, considering the skills shortage and the soaring costs of office space in big international cities. The classy skidbase chair range 230 is easy to stack and the ideal chair to match.

It‘s both more cost effective and sustainable to opt for dynamic tables to make better use of available space. This degree of versatility also allows more people to enjoy spectacular views. Confair folding tables and Modus cantilever chairs with transparent covers have been chosen here.

A wonderful setting where our Timetable smart conference tables can really show what they’re capable of. The classic FS-Line office chairs in co-working spaces where people from different professions work together on a temporary basis.

It’s no secret that the best features from different eras can easily be combined with one another. What is not immediately apparent in this scene is that that the foldable Confair tables incorporate and link up cable- management systems and multi- media points so that there was no need to spoil the antique flooring.


Table finishes:

Genuine wood veneers

In terms of its appearance and the way it changes over the years, wood is a unique, natural material. Changes are more noticeable or more subtle depending on the type of wood and how light or dark it is. If a more consistent look in different table combinations or repeat orders is preferred, stained surfaces or industrially produced genuine wood veneer are available. 


Some laminates are also based on natural materials. They’re made by bonding cellulose and décor paper layers, as well as resin, using heat and pressure. This produces an extremely robust surface that comes in a variety of different colours. Laminates are often recommended for heavy-duty use, whether this relates to what the tables are used for, or to the fact that they are frequently moved around and reassembled. 


The material consists of linseed oil and natural resin that is mounted on a backing layer and protected with a matt-glossy coating. In terms of haptics, it not only has a very pleasant feel, but has natural antistatic properties as well. Virtually no finger prints or dust stick to the surface. The surface is less hard-wearing than laminate, but over the years signs of wear and tear produce a distinctive patina, making each table a unique object with a story all of its own. 


Table edges

Confair folding table. Timetable smart. Timetable Shift. Logon.

Bullnose wooden edges with integrated impact-resilient profiles are special features that Andreas Störiko designed for the dynamic tables. But they also look superb on the static Logon tables. The bullnose shape evens out minor differences in height which can occur when the tables are joined together. The elastic rubber profile lends the table tops a very slender appearance and ensures effective protection of the edges from damage. They match the veneer on wood surfaces. Natural wood edges give laminate or linoleum tables a more stylish look.

Bullnose edge with a black impact-resilient profile.

Bullnose edge with a white impact-resilient profile.

Coated bullnose edge with a black impact-resilient profile.

Straight edge with a black impact-resilient profile. 

Straight edge with a white impact-resilient profile.

Straight plastic edge.