230 Range - Tables for Multi-Purpose Areas


Design: Andreas Störiko

In addition to bar stools, multi-purpose and task chairs, the 230 range also offers round and square low, sitting and standing-height pedestal tables, as well as two-pedestal rectangular tables. The stylish and transparent look and feel of range 230 is ideal for informal areas used for professional purposes: sales rooms, customer-support and waiting areas, bistros and cafeterias, or desks and dining rooms at home. Thanks to the anti-bacterial fabric of the seating and the easy-care, robust table tops, range 230 is an excellent choice for spas and healthcare areas. Whatever the setting, the furniture lends the room a light and informal appeal that encourages an informal chat. It is both attractive and comfortable with sophisticated functions at the same time.



The tables of range 230 stand out because they are lightweight and elegant, stylish but still very robust. 

Model 236/2

The compact table tops are just 12 millimetres (1/2") thick (round tables 70 or 75cm (271/2" or 291/2") in diameter and square ones 60x60cm (235/8"x235/8") or 70x70cm (271/2"x 271/2") in size). To match the table top, the column is white or black coated, or bright chromium-plated.

Model 236/3

Top marks for practicality: the square and circular top high tables are optionally available with slots in the tabletop, allowing space-saving stacking of up to three standing tables.

Available as side tables (45cm (173/4") high), to sit at (73cm (283/4") high) or to stand at (105cm (413/8")). The black or white through-dyed, shock and break-proof table tops are made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) with finely chamfered edges. The slender centre columns and flat, bright chromium-plated aluminium star bases ensure seamless furnishing solutions.

From the left to the right: Model 236/1, Model 235/2, Model 235/3.

We offer models with table top diameters of 90 to 140cm (353/8" to 551/8") for bigger discussions, meetings or family parties. Up to eight people can sit here comfortably. The 25mm (1") thick MDF boards are black or white powder coated, the disc base and pedestal are made to match, optionally with a reflecting stainless steel cover and bright chromium-plated table pedestal.

White table: Model 237/6, black table: Model 237/6

The rectangular tables are available in five formats, ranging from small (140x70cm (551/8"x271/2")) to medium (150x75cm (59"x291/2") or 160x80cm (63"x311/2")) to large (180x90 cm (707/8"x353/8")) and extra large (200x90cm (783/4"x353/8")). They can be used as desks, cafeteria tables, as seminar or stand-alone dining tables, as large tables for meetings or working at.




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