range 180 cantilever chair

Neos cantilever covered with black leather and wood armrests

Appealing. Attractive. Versatile.

Design: wiege

The cantilever models complement the 180 range swivel chairs perfectly. Their superior design, high quality appearance and variety of upholstery options make them ideal candidates for a multi-purpose seating range in their own right. Perhaps as a place for a visitor to sit; as a comfortable and exclusive conference cantilever chair, or as stackable seating for seminars and presentations.

The cantilever chair consists of a slender, bright chromium-plated tubular steel frame connected to an elegant tapered outer rail. The space between the outer rail and the shell is not just simply a smart detail: the rail is also a handle and at the same time allows flexible adjustment of the back section. The single-section seat shell is invisibly attached to the seamless frame structure and combined with the suspended frame, it offers comfort par excellence. 




Variety in form and colour

The cantilever chair that matches the 180 range office chair

The cantilever chair has been designed to math the 180 range office chair. The cantilever chair version also stands out for its fluid form, its top-quality design that's accurate to the last detail, its generous size and pleasant comfort. Stackable versions, different types of upholstery and a choice from the Wilkhahn fabric and leather collection open up a range of opportunities for usage and design.

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cantilever chair The cantilever’s stackability is an integral part of the design. The elegant three-dimensional curve of the frame permits stacking of up to five chairs. The completely smooth underside of the seat shell and its v-shaped side extensions prevent marks on the seat and back cushions during stacking.

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Refreshing and informal: with its shell, through-dyed in white synthetic fabric with matching armrest pads, this cantilever is also a star in healthcare and spa facilities, or the home.

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Distinctive, classy and practical: the outer rail on the backrest acts as a grip and makes the back section of the chair flexible. The cushions on the leather versions are especially high quality, crafted to perfection and include a wool-fleece overla


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