Graph Conference Chair


Trend-setting form. Innovative comfort. Impressive details.

Design: Jehs+Laub

The choice of premium-design conference chairs has remained virtually unchanged for decades, so Graph is a welcome newcomer. Because the graphical quality of its cuttingedge shape stands out at first glance. And it’s this feature that the chair owes its name to. An organic seat shell is cut through horizontally and then vertically, modified and re-assembled to produce this ingenious product. The upshot is a fascinating mix of fluid and streamlined form, closed and transparent areas, harmony and contrast. Graph's distinctive design also offers superlative comfort – despite its slender shape. The steel seat and backrest frames feature wave springs, padding and additional cushioning. All of which adds up to upholstery in a class of its own. And what’s more, without any mechanics, the leaf spring in the seat's three-point support ensures three-dimensional flexibility to keep body and mind active.

So it’s virtually a given that Graph has been well thought-out, right down to the last detail. That no screws are visible on the armrests. Or that frame-forms and framesurfaces have been superbly well moulded and crafted. Or that the seams on the sophisticated covers precisely mirror the elegant, streamlined shape.

The Graph conference chairs, models 301/6, 302/6, 301/7, 302/7 are also available with a five-star base.Models 301/6 and 302/6 come with swivel-mounted columns and models 301/7 and 302/7 with precision-adjustable seat heights.


Trend-setting form.

Graph conference chair detail

The choice of premium-design conference chairs has remained virtually unchanged for decades, so Graph is a welcome newcomer. Because the graphical quality of its cutting edge shape stands out at first glance.

The idea of cutting through a seat shell horizontally and vertically and then reassembling it in a different way spawned the unmistakable shape of the chairs. 

The armrests become the key link between the backrest frame and the seat which is affixed flexibly at the front on a Y-shaped bracket and supported at the back by a central leaf spring.


The Graph conference chair is superbly crafted down to the last detail. The fusion of a fluid form and a clear, streamlined look is also what sets apart the elegant foot section and the Y-shaped bearer made of die-cast aluminium with its precisely matching radii and surfaces. The modelled armrests of the conference chair, made of die-cast aluminium, are also pleasant in terms of haptics too. And the engineers developed a concealed, force- and form-fit connector to ensure that no screws were visible – even at a closer look. The die-cast aluminium components have been exquisitely polished and are optionally available in a natural or bright chromiumplated finish. Only particularly high-quality textiles from the fabric collection or leather are used for the covers of the Graph conference chair. The precise seams, with surrounding cushioning, underscore the slim, clear contour, while the horizontal stitched seam divides up the backrest.  Wilkhahn youtube channel



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