Leaning aid Stitz2.


20 range - Design: PER, 1992

The Stitz leaning aid is an exceptional piece of furniture, that involves neither sitting nor standing, but somewhere in between. What is so ingenious about Stitz, is that it allows the body to relax but puts it through its paces at the same time. Which is why you do not sit on Stitz, but rest on it at a slant. As a result, your pelvis adopts an upright position, your metabolism improves, your sense of balance is enhanced and your muscles are activated without subjecting them to too much strain. You can sit on the round seat from all sides. The elastomer base is filled with quartz sand, so that Stitz does not topple over even when tilted. A freely accessible disc underneath the seat lets you infinitely adjust the support height with an integrated gas lift. But Stitz is not just considered a symbol of superb design. A study carried out by the Centre for Health at the German Sport University Cologne verifies that regular use of Stitz boosts your body’s co-ordinating skills.


Stitz 2

Leaning aid

Tough, black through-dyed materials ensure that even after a long service life scuffs and scratches are virtually impossible to see. The inset to the seat is  optionally available in natural waxed cork, with embossed leather or fabric. Whether in offices, studios, surgeries or for speeches at lecterns – a “third” leg offers ideal support for anybody that does not want to stand necessarily, but does not want to sit either.

As a one-legged piece of furniture, Stitz stands on an elastomer base filled with quartz sand. As a result, it adapts to any movement and does not topple over even when it is not used.

20 range - Stitz
Model number: 201/2
Design: ProduktEntwicklung Roericht




Wilkhahn Fabrication:
Leather cut
Picture: Leather for range Stitz 2




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