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The ON® product family offers three backrest heights, three types of armrests, and three types of upholstery. In terms of function and design, ON® covers all requirements. All task-chair and conference models, plus four-legged and cantilever chairs in attractive finishes and covers, tick all the boxes in terms of function and design. Simply seamless solutions.

Healthy seating shouldn’t be a question of positions in a corporate hierarchy. This is why our engineers worked tirelessly for five years to make Trimension affordable. The goal was to ensure that the office chairs qualify for any interior, from receptions to open-plan spaces, to managers’ and executives’ offices.

Model number: 175/7 
Material: Fiberflex black 
Frame: Bright chromium-plated aluminium star base and swing plates

Model number: 175/7
Material: fabric red
Frame: bright chromium-plated aluminium star base and swing plates

Model number: 175/71
Material: leather
Frame: bright chromium-plated aluminium star base, black coated swing plates

In contrast to the office chairs, the conference chair stands on a formal, carefully matched four-star aluminium base with glides. The upshot is a tidy, uncluttered look. The fixed armrests also have the same effect. The chairs are optionally available with a permanent or adjustable seating height.

Model number: 172/71 
Material: Leather 
Frame: swing plates bright chromium-plated, base aluminum polished

The seat shell and covered backrest on the comfortable cantilever chair allude to the swivel chairs and offer a high level of comfort. The silhouette and form of the base and back frames are exceptionally elegant. A standard feature of all Fiberflex and fabric-covered types is that they are stackable. Management-grade upholstery is also an option for more discerning customers.

Model number: 178/7 

Material: Fiberflex black

Frame: Bright chromium-plated aluminium

Model number: 178/7

Material: fabric red
Frame: bright chromium-plated aluminium

Model number: 178/71
Material: leather black
Frame: bright chromium plated

The four-legged version with a similar back frame has the same seat and backrest design as the cantilever chair. And of course, like the rest of the range, Fiberflex or fabric-covered (stackable) and management-grade upholstery are also available. Inline connectors are optional.

Model number: 176/7 
Material: Fiberflex black 
Frame: bright chromium-plated aluminium

Model number: 176/7 with connector
Material: fabric grey
Frame: Aluminium bright chromium-plated


ON®Types of upholstery

Three backrest heights (medium, high, high with headrest) and three types of upholstery offer plenty of scope for design to achieve those subtle differences.

Even in its standard version, ON office chair offers excellent comfort because the materials used are flexible, elastic and breathable. The seat, backrest and headrest are covered in innovative Fiberflex fabric. It’s permanently elastic, breathable and kind to the skin. Due to its three-dimensional design, it looks like additional micro-cushioning.

Alternatively the seat can also be ordered with additional padding (seat-depth adjustment is then not possible). With more cushioning it feels softer to sit on. 

In the management range, the seat, backrest and headrest are fitted with extra textile or leather covers from the comprehensive Wilkhahn collection.

The Management-grade upholstery of the office chair is an example of first-class craftsmanship. Slim facings at the sides and finely stitched seams in the covers with extra padding ensure this new dimension in seating conveys gravitas with an understated feeling of luxury.


ON in detail

Each ergonomic ON swivel chair features the health benefits of unique Trimension® and a range of different adjustment options. It’s so spacious, it almost feels like an armchair. Adjustable while seated, it allows a number of different sitting postures that include sitting up straight, lounging about or sprawling across the chair. 

The counter pressure of the backrest of the office chair is fast to adapt with just two fingers and only a few rotations—for people weighing 100 to 265 pounds. The conveniently placed wheel is integrated into the button that locks the tilt of the seat. 

The fascinating simple, patented seat depth adjustment of the swivel chair is available on request. The seat depth is altered by grabbing the front end of the seat with both hands and turning it upwards, or downwards to reduce depth again. 

The armrests integrated in the swivel arms mirror all movements made. Their height is adjustable at the touch of a button. The depth and width of the armrest pads can be changed by pushing and turning them. The choice of three armrest pads (standard, padded and leather-upholstered) is sure to suit any tastes. 

The height of swivel chair backrest is intuitive to adjust in six lockable positions while seated. All that’s required is to take hold of it and push it upwards by up to 60 mm (2⅜"). No buttons or levers are needed.


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The right setting is very important when sitting on the ON®. For top dynamic seating comfort, take a look at our video guide. In the blink of an eye, you can change ON® to the settings that best suit you.  Wilkhahn YouTube Channel

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