Timetable - mobile conference table

Transportable. Space-saving. Fascinating.

Mobile tabletop system Timetable with white surface

Design: Andreas Störiko

Combing brains and beauty produces fascinating solutions that quickly pay for themselves. Designer Andreas Störiko created Timetable for Wilkhahn and added a new dimension to the concept of high-quality conference areas. In just one simple step, the tabletop can be tipped up and the foot section with lockable castors turned inwards fully automatically at the same time. As a result, the tables are not just easy to move from room to room, but can also be very compactly stacked into one another.  Their intuitive handling, high quality and smart appeal are ideal for dynamic conference areas and save both space and time. After all, furnishing costs are often just a fraction of the room and facility management costs. Anyone investing in intelligent, quality solutions can save a lot of money in the long run. Anything more compact is hard to imagine: by automatically rotating the foot section, the tables can be stacked in one another. With legs rotated inwards, the first table takes up a depth of 41centimetres and any other table only eight. Therefore, there is enough space for 20 tables in an area two metres deep. (photo right)



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