230 range S-type multi-purpose chair

Distinctive in design. Very practical. Superbly comfortable.

Design: Andreas Störiko

The 230 range S-type is an excellent choice when stackable multi-purpose chairs with a strong aesthetic appeal are required. Finely grained membranes made of through-dyed, slatted pure polyamide were developed to cover the seat and backrest frame on the chair. The slats follow the characteristic curve of the back of the seat frame. They help keep bodies cool and are comfortable due to different levels of elasticity in parts of the seat and backrest. The membranes are very high quality, pleasant to touch and easy to clean. What’s more they’re simple to replace should the necessity arise after years of use. Therefore, 230 range S-type is the ideal choice for settings where style and practicality are equally important factors. It’s excellent for canteens and cafés, salesrooms, (semi) public lobbies or multi-purpose spaces.


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