range 230 skid-base chair

Minimal materials. Maximum transparency. Simple to use.

Design: Andreas Störiko

Wilkhahn’s range 230 is a new yardstick for multi-purpose rooms and informal communications areas. At the heart of range 230 lies the multipurpose chair with a design that is both coherent and innovative. The seat and backrest are made of strong plastic and the chair has a stylish, bright chrome-plated round steel rod skid base. The result is a piece of furniture that is lightweight, stable and with materials reduced to the max. The flexible design and colour-matched high-efficiency fabric covering, combined with the holes to keep your body cool at the back, make sitting on the chair both relaxing and comfortable. The masterstroke: the seat and backrest, available in black, grey and white, are based on the interlocking rails principle. This feature ensures extremely compact, safe and form-fit stacking that is kind to seat covers. Due to the integrated design with just two materials, range 230 is ideal for restaurants, conference areas, lecture theatres, waiting rooms, customer-service areas or homes.



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